Mobile Device LifecycleThe Verilytics fully-managed solutions provide you comprehensive visibility into all aspects of your wireless and wired expenses.  This includes:

  • Device assignments
  • Management hierarchy
  • Highest users by category
  • AP reporting
  • Real time visibility

Our team combines their industry expertise with our powerful SaaS platform to effectively manage your company’s telecom expense environment.


The Verilytics fully-managed solutions provide enhanced control over the entire ecosystem surrounding your mobility telecom environment.  These customized processes include:

  • Approval management
  • Ordering
  • Fulfillment
  • Policy Adherence

Our team works with the appropriate stakeholders in your organization to ensure your mobility environment is “locked down” and under control.

Cost Savings

The Verilytics full-managed solutions provide immediate and on-going cost savings for both your wired and wireless telecom environments.  Services include:

  • Baseline assessment and optimization of services/plans/devices
  • Voice optimization
  • Data optimization
  • Text Message optimization
  • Feature optimization
  • Lifecycle management and MACD support
  • Carrier contract negotiation

Verilytics delivers dramatic cost savings for our clients and implements processes that sustain these cost savings over time.