Verilytics was founded by a group of telecommunications industry veterans who saw a growing need for high quality auditing and personalized expense management services for all sized businesses.  Our leadership team brings a combination of legal, auditing, project management and direct carrier experience.  This unique blend of skill sets allows us to assist our clients in navigating complex and frustrating carrier contracts and invoices.  Our fresh and informed perspective helps us to make cost savings recommendations to our clients that are guaranteed to deliver immediate ROI.

Contact us today to see how Verilytics can reduce your telecom expenses, while improving visibility into your dynamic, ever-evolving telecom environment.  We’ll show you how your AP Department can offload the resource-intensive telecom headaches and your IT Staff can focus on the projects critical to the success of your organization.  The best part is that all of the Verilytics services can typically be implement within your existing telecom budget.  We welcome any questions you may have and if you contact us we will be happy to schedule a 30-minute web demo of our user-friendly, web-based platform.  We look forward to working with you.