Wireless Expense Management (WEM) – Learn How to Reduce the Cost

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It is well documented that telecom expenses are often near the top of the list of business expenses.  With today’s economy, reducing wasteful spending can mean the difference in what color ink you use to write your bottom line.  Telecom expense management (TEM) deals with reducing the waste and inefficiency that is inherent within an uncontrolled telecom system.  Telecom expense management has a cousin called wireless expense management (WEM).  WEM is concerned only with your wireless expenditures, while TEM takes in everything, including your hard-wired phone system. You probably need one or the other, but lets concentrate on WEM today.

Were you aware that research has discovered that anywhere from 7% to 12% of wireless telecom invoices have errors?  Did you know that a vast majority of those errors were in favor of the vendor/service provider?  Did you know that 85% of those invoices were paid without question?  Would you like to recover those dollars?  WEM can do it for you.  Generally, wireless expense management companies work on a percentage basis, so they have an incentive to do their best to save money for your company.  Invoice validation doesn’t cost … it pays.

Finding a wireless expense management company is easy.  Finding a reputable one that covers every angle of WEM isn’t quite so simple.  Give us a call today at Verilytics to see if we are the company you can depend on for your wireless expense management needs.  Our seasoned leadership team will audit, negotiate, and act on your behalf to save you money.  It starts with our FREE communications expense audit.  Call today for more details: 1-888-333-5958.


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